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Proper Language For Proper Country

I Agree with Ch’ti & Roberto for considering a French Language version for The Country of Molière Apple Please! It’s easy for bilingual people, but it’s not the case of the majority of french people, as there are another languages than English as Second language, like German, Spanish, etc… Hope Apple to make more efforts to satisfy their french Customers, as they are French keyboards, they should be French version of Any software out There!

Learning iMovie

The price is reasonable, the presentation is well done and the presenters are obviously knowledgeable. That said, this is much more an overview than real training. It needs more depth if it’s going to be sold as training.


After watching the first lesson as it was to switch to the second video it decided to crash, this happened 3 times, have the latest version ? why can not remit ( send crash report to Ripple Traing Inc ) this needs to be fixed

Same here,

nice app or application, but your lock isn’t very effective. You should think about a more consequent lock mode, to protect your premium videos. Grazie per le videos! :)

Best 5 bucks I can remember spending at the APP store

I’ve tuned into these guys for high end training from their Ripple Training lessons for Final Cut Pro and the other pro apps. I’m no newbie to using this stuff, but there are a ton of things that I didn’t know, thanks to these lessons. And, even better, they work for my wife and daughter, who also want to create videos and other things but aren’t really interested in the pro apps. There’s like an hour and a half of short, easy to use lessons with a lot of visuals and the ability to learn each lesson in any order you want. There are “free” video lessons out there, but their quality and alignment with purchases and ads is annoying. And there are classes to attend, but I haven’t seen one for less than a few hundred bucks. This is, without a doubt, the best investment I have made for Mac use, for my entire family - EVER! Well done, highly recommend!

Fantastic Training for iMovie

Great training and great presentation inside the App. Both Mark and Steve are amazing trainers! At the price this is truly a no-brainer! Be sure to also visit their website for more training on FCP X, Motion, Resolve etc. lots of excellent stuff.

Ripple Training? The Best

The Ripple range of products can’t be beat - at any price. Ripple offers a straight forward logical and well delivered series of invaluable insights into the seldom seen nooks and crannies of the most popular and most obscure corners of creative software programs. No matter your level of sophistication there’s something for everyone in Ripples approach to helping you get everything you’ve paid for out of the software you’ve invested in. Keep up the good work, it’s much appreciated.

First review, it’s that good

This was a solid purchase. These guys are clear and concise. Video/Audio quality is professional. If you want to learn iMovie, this is definitely worth the investment in saving time and making movies right. Hope they come up with more videos for things like garageband or aperture.

Outstanding Primer for iMovie

This is perhaps the best $5 I’ve spent on an app lately. The hosts are obviously knowledgeable and make learning iMovie a breeze. I wish you had more tutorials like this one for other programs that don’t cost much. Good investment that will give me great returns.

iMovie for Dummies

I knew absolutely ZERO about iMovie before using this tutorial. I couldn’t figure it out on my own like I usually do with most other applications. Lessons for iMovie takes you step-by-step through everything you need to know. I’m not sure where the lone two-star review came from but, I can’t see anything wrong with this tutorial. The BEST $5 I’ve spent in a very long time.

Learning i movie

Very poor explained. The pictures of the instructors are very clear, but the page with the class is either very small or if you use full screen blurred and can’t read.. They talk more to each other than to try to explain. They may know about the subject, but their skills in teaching are more than poor. The worst expend $5. in trying to learn imovie. Don’t expend your money, is not worth it.

So incredibly helpful!

Looking at all the reviews, I’m really puzzled how a couple of people were able to give this anything less than five stars. This training tool has helped me immensely!!! For the past couple of days I had been struggling with the latest version of iMovie, before I discovered this training tool. I have used previous versions of iMovie, and have created some very very basic videos. But using this video training has completely opened up the potential of iMovie for me. I cant believe how robust the latest version of iMovie is. And I cant believe how simple this training makes iMovie. Lessons for iMovie makes it easy to see what can be done using iMovie. If you have a video camera, and you have iMovie, then you need this training video! If not, you’re leaving tricks and techniques on the table. Many thanks to Ripple training for putting this excellent tool together. It has made my work with video projects so much easier. I highly recommend this.

Worthy, worthy, worthy!

This app truly is the best 5 bucks I ever spent. Every cent is worth. The training is easy to understand and simple. The topics are well organized and the hosts interaction is perfect. I definately doing better movies and trailers now thanks to this app. Great job!!


I am a newcomer to iMovie and found myself getting frustrated with not being able to “figure it out” and find only random success on searching YouTube…this app has completely changed my iMovie abilities. It is highly effective and the videos are succint (and the presentations have a perfect pace with enthusiasm) and the sequential model is perfect as they build on steps and knowledge that have been so helpful for me and my lack-of-iMove context. If you are wanting to really learn iMovie go ahead and get this app—for only 4.99 it is has truly been the most effective app for learning that I have purchased...

Very Helpful…

iMovie is even more powerful than I had realized. This series of short training videos is really helpful at unlocking all that iMovie can do. If you’re new to iMovie, or haven’t really studied all its features, this app is an excellent investment. Very well done, and well worth the small cost.

About a buck a minute for the tutorial

Unless I’m missing something, this was a very sketchy, brief, cursory intro to iMovie. The lesson lasted all of 5 minutes, and briefly touched on the fundamentals of the program. Certainly not an in-depth tutorial, and surely not needed to pick up the basics of the program. I wouldn’t recommend this as a worthwhile purchase, even though it’s only $5. Not worthless, but not worth much.

A wonderful overview for beginners!

This app is a great intro to iMovie. One of the primary reasons I wanted to wrote something was to dispute the earlier mistaken review that says this is 5 minutes. In fact this is about 20 sections that are 5 minutes each (which can easily be seen in the screenshots so I’m not sure how the previous reviewer missed them). Overall it is about 2 hours of video. It is very well produced, highlighing the sections of the screen they are speaking about and zooming in on the relevant porions of the screen. Very well done!

Very helpful

The lessons are very helpful and most are shorter than 10min, so you can retain what you just learned without being overwhelmed. One funny note: when they search the maps for “St Croix” it doesn’t show up, so they look up ‘Virgin Islands’ to find it. If you’ll notice, the reason “St Croix” didn’t come up in the search is because Apple’s map misspelled it as “St Criox”.

A Film Maker in the Making

These guys are great at explaining the steps and shortcuts. They are given in short little bits, so if you need to go back and review, it’s easy to watch it again. It just like a movie or reading a book, each time you watch it again, you pick up something new (and it is useful). They did a great job. I am very pleased. I hope they do another with more information and tricks for longer movies. Both the guys are easy to understand. They show you what you need to do as the same time they are telling you about it. Great job guys. Those of you that are overwhelmed with iMovie, this is the first step you need to take to start understanding it.

So Helpful!

I am transitioning from a PC to a Mac and was strugglng with iMovie - even trying to do simple things like trim a video clip. After watching the video tutorials and keeping it open on my MacBook while I worked on my iMac I was able to put togehter my first complete video in a little over an hour. I plan to go back through it a second and probably third time as you always seem to pick up something that you missed the first go ‘round. Thank you for creating such a helpful series of lessons. You’ve been a lifesaver to me.

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